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Golden nights Salou 2018

Golden nights Salou 2018 The Golden Nights, from 9 to 15 August, give name to the summer festival. Festivities that have been programmed thinking about the neighbors of Salou, but also on all the visitors who come to spend a few days. If you like giants, castells, music, art and want to know more about the culture and folklore of our land ... you can not miss it. Come, enjoy the celebration and live the magic of the Golden Nights. Programming: Thursday, August 9 20: 00h Inaugural act of the golden nights 2018- Proclamation by Mr. Fernando de Yarza López-Madrazo president of Henneo - Heraldo de Aragón and president of the European Association of Editors News Media Europe. Place: Tourist Board, xalet Torremar (paseo Jaime I) Next, Great thunderstorm of beginning of holidays. Place: Paseo Jaime I   23: 00h Flamenco show "Fuego" by the company Mónica Novillo and guest artist Pepe Flores. Place: Square of the autonomous communities. Friday, August 10 16: 30h-19: 30h Children's activities. Workshops against heat and boredom with refreshing inflatables. Place: Urbanization xalets de Salou.   20: 00h Aragonese folklore show. In charge of the folkloric group Jaime I and the invited group Grupo de Jotas Acordes Navarro. Place: Square of the autonomous communities.   Saturday, August 11 20:30h  Costa Daurada-Salou International Music Festival Concert Catalan Brass Philharmonic Quintet-Joficat. Place: On the breakwater pier.   21: 00h Salou Art Festival. Enjoy the talent of the municipality of Salou. Place: Plaza of the autonomous communities.   Sunday, August 12 20: 00h Dance of Sardanas. In charge of the Cobla de Reus Jove and the Sardanista Agrupación Tarragona Dansa. Place: Paseo Jaime I (jetty area of ​​the pier). 19:00h Night of fire. Participating groups: Group of Diables Maleïts and Bruixas Lametó, Xaloc, Morena de Salou and the invited groups. Place: Planted in the Plaza Francesc Germà (Paseo Jaime I)   22: 00h Night of fire. Correfuego. Route: Departure from the light source to reach the cybernetic sources.   23: 00h Concert. The consortium Place: Square of the autonomous communities.   Monday, August 13 22:00h Performance by Jeff Toussaint. Hypnosis show, by Jeff Toussaint, illusionist, magician and hypnotist internationally known. Place: Square of the autonomous communities.   Tuesday, August 14 20: 00h Performance of the festive elements of the municipality. With the participation of the Ball of Bastons, Ball d'Espases, Ball of Pastorets, Nanos, Mulassa and Gegants de Salou. Place: Paseo Jaime I. Exit Plaza of the autonomous communities to the jetty pier. 22:00h Macaco in concert.   Wednesday, August 15 20: 00h Mass Major Holiday. Place: Church of Santa María del Mar. 23: 00h Fireworks. Place: Paseo Jaime I Next: Performance of the Juniors orchestra. Place: Square of the autonomous communities.   Thursday, August 16 20:30h Concert festival International music Costa Daurada-Salou. Jove Filharmonica Catalana-Joficat, in charge of the direction of Melani Mestre. Place: Square of the autonomous communities.

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Contract of deposit or signal for the sale

If you have decided to buy a home, and you have already done all the necessary checks and everything is in order, the next step is to reserve it. The reservation is made by signing the deposit or signal contract. Below we explain their characteristics. Buy and sell through a wire or signal contract The reservation of property through the deposit or signal contract is made by signing a pre-contract between the seller and buyer. With this agreement are agreed the amount to reserve and ways to continue with the final purchase agreement. The deposit contract is a binding agreement, which is why it is important to write it in detail. Next, we explain the points that it must contain and the types of reservations you can make. Types of reservation of a dwelling To make the reservation of a property we have several options: The signal or advance payment: It is a pre-contract where the parties agree on the reservation of the sale, giving as proof of it a quantity of money as a signal. The penitential deposits: Commitment to purchase and sale within a certain period, closed with a payment on account, which will then be deducted from the amount to be paid in the purchase contract. In the event that the seller decides not to continue, he must return twice the amount of the signal delivered to the buyer. Otherwise, if the buyer decides not to continue, he loses the signal anticipated in the agreement. The purchase option: It is an accessory contract that allows the buyer to have a margin of time to decide to buy or look for another property. But if after the agreed term the buyer does not exercise the purchase option, the seller may retain the initial premium delivered if they agreed to it in the agreements. Fundamental content of the deposit or signal contract This pre-contract must have the following points: - Description of both parties (buyer and seller): Contain name and surname, marital status, address and National Identity Document (DNI) of both. - Description of the property: This must include the address, the location, if it contains a garage or storage room ... - Price: The amount and the date on which the money will be delivered must be detailed. - Signal: The amount will be specified, since it is free and must be agreed in the contract. - Housing registration: This will verify the ownership of the house, its financial charges and its description. - Financial burdens of the property: Should be collected in the agreement if they exist, therefore it is very important to check. - Expenses: Buyer: Notary, agency and registration of the property. Seller: Plus-value.

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